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Many times we need to conduct target market research and user surveys, especially in the online earning industry. Marketing without target market research and user surveys will be clueless and will have a direct impact on later sales and promotion, so Target market research and user surveys are required courses for every webmaster. This article elaborates on how the webmaster should conduct market research and user surveys from seven aspects.

This is the same experience you are reading now. Let me introduce some problems and things to you, and then you can make the corresponding labor fees. But the premise is that you have to be a little bit better than others in that field, just like the network you write now. If you know the network, come here to write about the network. The cost here is calculated based on page views. When I first joined, it was 3 yuan per thousand page views, and the highest was 5 yuan per thousand page views. This needs to be well written to upgrade. In fact, writing experience is not too difficult. Does Youku share plans to make money? Write with a helping mentality. Not only can you get happiness, but you can also improve your writing skills.

2. Write an article of "16 Ways or Encyclopedias to Help You XXX", it is easier to get links. For example, I wrote a small program promotion method, as shown in the figure:

No wonder I used to see my friend’s hard drive being formatted and he looked desperate. To modern people, the data is like a house built on bricks by bricks. The house collapsed, everyone’s heart is sure. It's all uncomfortable.

The first industry is that after the arrival of the 5g era, it will directly drive the development of VR technology. The concept of virtual reality has already been developed, but limited to the current network status, VR technology has serious delays. Limited by the current bandwidth and rate. The arrival of 5g has solved this problem. It will enable ARVR to break through the bottleneck and achieve a qualitative leap. ARVR will bring about a huge upgrade in user experience, including the game industry and even other related display industries.

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After seeing this information, many novice friends believe that many people have contacted the academic history blog to pay the tuition, hoping to learn the real online earning technology, but they were actually cheated (why are our novice friends so stupid?) . At this time, Zhang Zihao saw the article on the Xueshi blog and found that it had been plagiarized, and that someone had robbed him of his money. So angrily, I left a message below that the Black Science History Blog is a liar, a liar who copied himself. From the comments below the article to the personal blog, wherever an article can be published, the academic history blog is desperately vilified.

The above-mentioned industries are all new earning industries that have emerged in recent years. It is precisely because they have just emerged, the scale has not yet matured, and the market has not yet been saturated. It is only now that they have joined to make more money. If you want to start a business, it is best to choose a new type of industry. In addition to these industries, live broadcasting and self-media are also very good.

The stunt of the god leg gate is punching. It takes a thousand punches a day and persists for several years. The bones and muscles and ligaments have toughness and can extend an inch. They are extremely lethal. Some look down on them, and they have to endure a punch. , I feel that it is the truth.

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